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Nasty juice is Malaysian smoking brand which manufacture e-juices and nic salt products designed for the electronic smoking device. It brings variety of flavored e-liquid and salts such as lemon mint, green grape, grape raspberry and double apple.

Providing new series of e-liquids for instance Cushman, tobacco and shisha, every series of nasty focus on a specific flavor as we can see the nasty Cushman series prime flavor is mango and other flavor are just to enhance the experience of smoking.

How to use nasty juice:-

It is usually used in pod mod devices and tanks to fill the liquid and salt inside the electronic cigarette device and start inhaling the heated liquid vapor from the mouth piece of the device.

You can use nasty juice in vape tanks also for a better smoking experience. The smoking experience depends on the user need of nicotine if you want to experience a high nicotine hit then consumer should choose the nasty nic salt which contains a large amount of nicotine from 30-50mg as compared to the nasty e-liquids which contain only o-6 mg protonated nicotine.

The usage of nic salts and e-liquids are same, both of them are used in the electronic vaping devices but nic salt uses low wattage device for vaping to produce a realistic experience to the consumer.

Why at VapersZone:-

At vaperszone you will find the nasty juice range of e-liquid and salts for smoking desire. The product we offer to the consumer is of good quality and known brands.

Nasty juice brand new Cushman series is also available at VapersZone which is popular among the youth due to its fruity freshness blended with mango flavor. Buy nasty juice online in your favourite flavours.

The e-juices which we offer to the customers are at a good condition when delivered to the user and if the product is damaged or broken you can replace the product within 2-3 days of delivery.

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