Our Juul accessories category has Juul USB charging dock, juul holder for mobile, The Gem Juul Mobile Charging Kit and The Gem magnetic Juul USB Charger. These different type of chargers are for charging juul devices.

This contains both car adapter as well as wall adapter. This way you can charge Juul devices anywhere you want whether in your home, office or even while driving. It has more than one ports that means you can charge more than one juul device at a time. 

Another thing is you will find these products at cheap and best prices compared to other sellers. We sell only good quality of Juul products. Orders placed before 4 pm are processed on same day. So what are you waiting for?

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Juul Accessories

When you have all the necessary devices for E-cigarettes you just need the accessories for the E-cigarettes also.

Juul provides the required accessories like mobile holder for E-cigarette device, USB charger and portable charging case.

The juul accessory helps you to make the device accessible anytime for the smoking use.

Juul accessories include:-

  • USB charger
  • Mobile holder for juul device
  • Juul mobile charging kit
  • Portable charging case

Juul accessories include:-

Juul accessories provides us many benefits like we can carry the juul device anywhere whether you are at office, travelling or at home.

Carry cases so you do not need to find the different juul device here or there at your bag or desk.

A portable charging case helps to charge the juul device easily anywhere.

Why juul accessories:-

We know that juul is the leading brands of e-cigarettes and the product it offers are of the best quality whether it is the rechargeable device or pods.

The juul accessories are made to make the device handy for the user and the user take the e-cigarette kit anywhere with the help of accessories.

There are different types of Juul accessories like empty ceramic pods, portable charger, led based charger, holder for mobile, and USB charging Dock.

Why to buy from vaperszone:-

  • At vaperszone we provide you the authentic juul device with all the accessories required.
  • We deliver the product on the fixed delivery date with no additional delivery charges.
  • It is not always easy to find the perfect accessories for your electronic cigarette but at vaperszone you will find the suitable accessories.
  • The product you receive will be in a good condition and you can replace the product within 60 days.
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