Now you can buy different flavors of juul pods from us. We have several varieties like mango pod, vanilla crème pod, Virginia pod, apple orchard pod, alpine berry pods, classic pods, cool mint pod, golden pod, royal crème pod, classic menthol pod, cool cucumber pod, tobacco pod and fruit medley pods.

We do also have few juul products which have 4 different flavor of pods in one pack like Juul flavor multipack pods (pack of 4). 

You will be benefitted in several ways. These pods come with zero spit back feature, which means there would no leakage of vape juice to your mouth. 

Another thing is these pods come with varying nicotine strength from high to low. You can choose nicotine strength according to your wish. 

These pods will provide you complete satisfaction because these do not give dry hits and creates less smoke. 

We have two different types of pods: one is refillable and second is non-refillable. You won’t have to put any extra effort. You can choose any one according to your wish.  

And the last one is juul pods are way cheaper than others. This will not become a load for your pocket. So go and buy now.

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Juul Pods

If you have the juul device and out of pods then vaperszone offer you a variety of flavored juul pods, the pods are the essential part of electronic smoking.

The juul pods comes in variety of flavors like mint, strawberry, mango, Virginia, crème brulee and more exciting flavors.

You can buy a multi flavor pack or your desired flavor pack, each pack of juul pods consist of 4 pods to use for smoking through the juul device.

How to use Juul Pods:-

Juul pods are easy to use as you can a buy a starter kit of juul which consist of the prefilled pods or also buy the juul pods separate packs.

The juul pods consist of anti-leakage technology so that the e juices cannot spill directly in the mouth and leak inside the bag or shirt.

The user just needs to insert the juul pods inside the device and start sucking it so that you can inhale the gas easily.

Juul pods ingredients:-

The juul pods contain a liquid which is a mixture of nicotine salt, propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG).

When the pod inserted in the device the liquid started heating and produces aerosol gas so that user can make smoke puffs.

The protonated nicotine powder lacks the harshness of regular tobacco cigarettes and makes it easier to consume the high level of nicotine.

How long Juul pod last:-

If you use it regularly then 1ml of juice should last you around half a day if used consistently there are some points on the pods usage:

  • 1ml - half a day
  • 3ml - one and a half days
  • 5 ml - two and a half days
  • 10ml - 5 days

Why Vaperszone juul pods:-

Vaperszone provides you the best delivery services and did not cost any delivery charges the user just need to pay for the product.

We offer the pods at an affordable price to the consumers, which make the user smoking experience cheaper and great. Vaper Zone is the best store to buy juul pods online in Dubai, UAE.

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